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Car break-in, stolen car do occur and are becoming more frequent in Malaysia hence how to reduce risk or theft with car window tint? By tinting, would-be thieves will have a harder time seeing inside of the car when they are casing targets.

Tinting your car’s windows is a good, cost effective way to reduce the chance of theft. It helps keep valuables out of sight and therefore out of mind. Combined with properly stowing valuables or removing them from the car and a car alarm, thieves will have no chance to rob you.

Cool Gard Auto Sdn. Bhd. was established since 2000 as one of the distributor for solar control window film and solar security window film in Malaysia. These films are applicable on glass window in both the Automotive and Architectural Market. We have been holding the principle of “Excellent Product, Professional Service” as the objectives to offer a wide range of products to satisfy any specifications and requirement.

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Cut out 99% UV rays &
65%-98% infrared rays

 JPJ Compliant  Tested by Sirim Fast Installation  Latest & Professional
Installation Technique
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Clear Visibility

 Unbeatable Offers Top Quality
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